maine street solutions

Case Studies

Red Bull

Red Bull: Lobbying
In the First Regular Session of the 126th Maine Legislature, Representative Katherine Cassidy introduced LD 753, “An Act to Prohibit the Sale of High- caffeine Energy Drinks to Persons under 18 Years of Age.

Searsport, Maine LNG Facility

Searsport, Maine LNG Facility: Grassroots
In December of 2012, Maine Street Solutions was contracted to help DCP site an LNG facility in Searsport, Maine. The challenge was a town issued moratorium that would need to be lifted via the vote of a town meeting scheduled for March.

Coalition for a Safer Maine

Coalition for a Safer Maine: Mobilizing the Community
As mass shootings riddled the front page of newspapers across the United States in 2012, it left a Nation stunned and searching for answers. Maine Street Solutions was approached by several groups in Maine that wanted to enact legislation on a myriad of gun related issues from background checks to bans.